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Pay Per Click

he traditional method of advertising on some common websites and social media pages costs you the same irrespective of the returns on the investment and the actual increase in the customer base due to the advertisement. This could lead to an unnecessary wastage of money which could rather have been invested in a more profitable way. And this gave way to a more modern approach known as "Pay Per Click" which still advertises your company on a website but guarantees a far greater success rate. This strategy works on the principle that the advertiser pays only when the viewer is on a search related to the product or service of the advertiser and clicks on the ad wanting to collect more details about the advertiser's company. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising also gives you an idea whether you are targeting the correct audience or not, which was unavailable in the traditional method.

PPC Services Offered

A host of Pay Per Click services is offered here, at India Web Way, which definitely increase the chance of your ad being at the top when a visitor searches for some related service. These services include :

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Ads On Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Youtube and Dailymotion Video Ads
  • Mobile Apps Ads

We concentrate on Google and Bing more than other search engines as together; they constitute about 75% of the total web traffic, thus increasing our chance of advertising your brand exponentially

Different Types of Agencies Involved

We are in contact with numerous online advertising agencies and Google-certified AdWords agencies that help us in including specified keywords in the campaign such that your ad gets highest preference whenever a person searches for any service related to your company. We have already completed many PPC projects for numerous companies with the help of these agencies, both in India and abroad.

Why PPC Services at India Web Way?

India Web Way offers pay per click services at a competitive and reasonable price, helping you improve your brand value and presence on the internet. Though there are a few other companies in the market offering these services, we have some special features that will definitely turn your head, such as:

  • We do an extensive and exhaustive research on your business, your client requirements, the services provided and the budget so as to create a perfect PPC strategy for you.
  • One of the essential things, keywords is what we focus our attention on, placing them strategically to help you get the maximum possible Return on Investment (ROI).
  • You shall always be kept in the loop throughout the process of preparing the PPC campaign, receiving reports explaining the ROI you are expected to earn.
  • We have a especially dedicated team for this job, consisting of numerous Bing and Google pay per click experts, Adwords experts and other professionals boasting of a lot of experience in this field.
  • We prepare a distinct PPC campaign for you, including all requirements, thus increasing your brand's visibility.

The above details all point to the fact that we are the best choice when it comes to choosing a social media optimization agency that you or for that matter, anyconsumer, possess. So do take your time and be a part of our ever-expanding family of customers.